Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Strategy

Hi, everyone. It's time for me to show you one of my strategies.

For Day...

First plant a row of Sunflowers. Then when the zombies come, plant a Wall-nut in front of it to keep it busy. Keep five rows open between the Sunflowers and the Wall-nut. Then plant a Peashooter in the first row you saved. Finish the row of Wall-nuts and finish two rows of Peashooters in the first and second rows. Then plant a row of Snow Peas in front of the Peashooters. Finally plant a row of Chompers behind the Wall-nuts. There's one row with no plants in it. Leave it open. Pole Vaulting Zombies usually are a problem but they'll get eaten by the Chompers since they vault over the Wall-nut.

If you wonder something about this strategy, let me know by posting a comment that has the words: Bulletin! Bulletin! 


  1. Bulletin! Bulletin!

    Wow - you have great strategies! What am I wondering is what happens if someone eats all the snow peas and walnuts first?

    I also have suggestion. Can you include your daily photo in your blog post too? That way it will always stick with your post even when the daily photo changes!

    Love, mom

  2. It sounds like a showdown in my garden. But I have the wall nut in the front, the sunflowers in the middle and the peas in the back, they shoot catapults. I will be on the look out for Zombies. So far the coast is clear!!!

  3. Mom the answer is you replace them.

  4. Oh... and Mom, if everyone wants to see the pictures again they can go to the place where I got them. Just look up the words "plants vs zombies wiki" and it's the first result. Then click on Plants. If you scroll down enough you can find every single picture and also sneak peek a few.