Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi again and right now it's night!!! The Puff-shroom is the plant of the day today. The Puff-shroom is the first mushroom you get, and, although it has an incredibly short range, is free - a good trade-off since sun is harder to come by at night. They are nearly as effective as Peashooters but they only have a 3-columun shooting range. Of course, as a mushroom, they are only awake at night, and their short range makes the expense of waking them up with a Coffee Bean is a waste of sun.


  1. I LOVE Puff-shrooms. Mostly, I love them because they are free but they are also super-effective and they regrow so quickly. Thanks for posting about them.

  2. you're welcome. To me their like FREE PEESHOOTERS!