Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Strange Plant

Hi again the plant I'm posting about today is the Sun-shroom. The Sun-shroom is an alternative to the Sunflower for use at night when sun is harder to come by. It is introduced after the night stage 2-1. So hope you guys liked the post and peace out.

P.S.  It make 15 sun for the first two minutes then increases to 25.

P.P.S. Sun-shroom doesn't like sun. THEN WHY DOES HE MAKE IT??


  1. I LOVE the Sun-shroom. It works even better than the Sunflower IMHO. I don't know the answer to your P.P.S. Sounds like a good riddle to me! Maybe you can do a poll on it.

  2. Preston--it took me many times playing the game before I could figure out the sun-shroom--even with evan trying to explain it to me. Why was it so slow in generating sun??? Then I figured out the whole 'darkness' thing. PVZ is so much harder to play when it's dark!!!

    --Charles and Evan

  3. Personally, I think it's harder in Fog because in addition to the graves, you got Planterns and Blovers trying to keep away thick fog where you can't see the zombies! Besides, the pool is there too!

  4. I figured out the answer to my own riddle. Ready?
    =) The Sun-shroom hates sun so he spews it out!=0